Main Hoon Na, Part 18

Raghavan, Khan, and a few other men enter the gymnasium. Dodgeball time! Raghavan tells the others to go outside and look for Ram. When he and Khan are alone, Raghavan shoves him against a wall and asks him why he deceived him. Khan says that Raghavan is the one who deceived his men, and tells him that it’s not a personal war, dammit. Raghavan says that it’s always a personal war, then shoots Khan in the head. For personal reasons.

Cut to Indian and Pakistani flags flying over the border on a sunny day. Soldiers wait along either side of a fenced-in zone.

Back to the gymnasium. A guard tells Raghavan that he saw everyone escape while he was fixing explosives to the roof. I wonder if those could be important later. Raghavan tells him to go find Ram. College students run through the courtyard. Raghavan yells for Ram to come out, then throws a grenade in an arbitrary direction. Lucky sees the explosion through a window and wants to go back. Sanju screams for him not to go, but Lucky says that Ram’s his brother, and runs off.

Raghavan stands on a long, narrow scaffolding gangplank, shouting for Ram. Suddently lights go on all around him, and Ram appears on a nearby balcony. He tells Raghavan that sunrise is here, and Project Milaap is about to happen. The army will be here in 5 minutes to arrest Raghavan. Raghavan points his gun at Ram, but before he shoots him, they will exchange some more dialogue. Raghavan says that he could ship Ram off to meet his father right now, but he puts away his gun and says, why not wait a few minutes?

Flash back to the border. Prisoners step off of a bus adorned with a Project Milaap banner and walk toward the border, where relatives wait on the opposite side.

Back to the scaffolding runway, where Raghavan and Ram stand on opposite ends. Raghavan cracks every joint in his hands and neck. Ram flexes his bicep. They approach each other in the center of the gangplank, presumably to begin a reasoned political dialogue. Oh, my mistake, they’re going to beat the crap out of each other. They block each other’s punches. Ram tries to sweep the leg, but Raghavan jumps over him. Try the crane move! With the woop woop noises! Ram almost falls, but grabs two nearby poles. He punches Raghavan in the chest, then swings and misses. Raghavan punches Ram, who falls to his knees, but then levitates and kicks Raghavan in the face. Raghavan cracks his neck joints again, then kicks Ram into some nearby flimsy wood, which flies apart. Then he cracks his neck again and beats Ram up some more. Go for the creaky neck, Ram!

Two army men open up the border gates, which are locked with a single rusty padlock. Lucky runs along a road toward a helicopter, telling the captain to hurry up. Ram and Raghavan fight some more. Ram punches Raghavan and looks like he’s about to rip out his heart, but actually he only catches his fist between Raghavan’s shoulder and his bad neck. They do some backflippy-type moves. Neck crack! The music gets faster, and Ram does a bicycle kick on Raghavan’s chin. Two doves show up, perhaps the doves of This Fight Being Almost Over. Raghavan kicks Ram, who spins around in the air as the doves fly around him.

Gen. Bakshi and a Pakistani general, Mohammed Ibrahim, meet in the middle of the two fences and shake hands, congratulating each other on Project Milaap. Ram and Raghavan are still fighting. How about I just take a little nap until they finish fighting and let you know how it turns out? Ah, that was nice. They beat each other up some more, then Raghavan says that their five minutes are up, and calls a time out. What the fuck? I just recapped all that for nothing? Raghavan pulls out his gun, points it at Ram, and says he’s leaving. He says that it’s time for Ram to meet his father, and that the countdown has begun. 3…Ram notices a rope lying on the ground….2…Ram looks at the rope…1…Ram pulls the rope, which is attached by a pulley to the scaffolding that Raghavan is standing on. The scaffolding shifts, knocking Raghavan off-balance. Ram dives 30 feet toward Raghavan and pushes him another 10 feet through a window and onto the roof.
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