Main Hoon Na, Part 17

The college exterior. Khan drags Ram’s limp body outside and leans it against a pillar. Khan says, “Major Ram?” Khan, Ram's dead, you silly! Ram starts breathing again. Oops, my bad. Khan removes Ram’s handcuffs, and Ram takes off the fashionable jean jacket to reveal a bullet-proof vest. Khan says that he is fighting for his country and tells Ram to fufill the promise that he made to his mother. He says that he may not meet Ram again, wishes him peace, and then walks off into the night. I wonder where he’s going. My guess is he's going to go check out some job listings on Monster.

Raghavan’s voice echoes in a hallway from the principal’s office. He says to someone that they will stay there until Project Milaap is cancelled. He’s talking to Khan, who has apparently decided that it isn’t worth quitting his job just yet. Raghavan tells Khan to shoot the kids. Now might be a good time for Khan to consider the exciting opportunities that a career in Agricultural Feed Supply has to offer.

Gymnasium. The hostages continue to sit on the floor and look distressed. A door opens, and Ram stands in the doorway, looking into the gymnasium and making no effort to conceal himself. The principal notices him, and shouts after him. Ram runs away before anyone else can see. A guard tells the principal that Major Ram is dead, and to shut up. The principal calls him a murderer and says in English, “You are a very bad man!” I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Babu Bhatt reference, but if so, it seems rather poorly-timed. The guard tells another guard, Captain Roy, to check outside. He goes to the doorway, peeks outside without setting foot outside the door, and says there’s no one there. Captain Roy goes back to tell the first guard, Captain Mahesh, that no one is there, but when he pokes him, Captain Mahesh falls over. Because he’s dead! Captain Roy leans against a pillar, and someone on the other side twirls a length of cable and throws it around the pillar. It flies swooping around Captain Roy’s neck and back to Ram, who pulls both ends to choke and instantaneously kill him. Ram walks into the gymnasium, illuminated by a bolt of lightning. Everyone stands up in unison and rushes to greet him as sappy music plays, punctuated by a harp glissando. Lucky hangs back from the crowd, and Ram approaches him as the rest of the hostages get the fuck out of the gymnasium before some more terrorists arrive.

Except Percy, who picks up a gun off of one of the dead guards. Vivek approaches him, looking startled, and Percy pretends to shoot him. Good one, Percy. Lucky and Ram stare at each other meaningfully. Percy and Vivek argue. Disco music erupts as another guard runs in and tries to take the gun from Percy. Ram sees them from across the room and does the “Gori gori” 20-foot knee-slide toward them. Percy throws him the gun, and Ram slides under the guard’s legs, turns around, and shoots him. Raghavan hears the gunshot from the principal’s office and tries to contact the guards. First he calls Captain Roy, who is now Captain Rai according to the subtitles, then Mahesh. He rolls his eyes, then leaves the office with Khan.

The hostages flee the building. Ram tells everyone to leave, but remains behind, as Ms. Chandni, Sanju, and Lucky hesitate. Ram tells Lucky that he has to do something for his father, but for Lucky to go with the others. As they hesitate and look back at one another in slow motion, a dove flies into the courtyard. I think it’s the dove of Fullfilling Your Destiny. Ram motions for them to leave, gazing nobly at them as the dove flies around some more. Finally, Ms. Chandni, Sanju, and Lucky leave, as Ram removes an empty cartridge from his gun and walks away determinedly.
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