Koi Mil Gaya, Part 7

Rohit's shed. Rohit and Nisha dust off the computer and plug it in. When Nisha notices the swirling galaxy displayed on the two-color monitor, Rohit explains that his father was a scientist who used the computer to talk to the people in the stars. Nisha peers at the screen, which flashes the words, "PRESS 'ENTER' TO CONTINUE." She reads aloud, "PRESS 'ENTER' TO CONTINUE," then exclaims, "Enter!" as she presses the "Enter" button.

The computer flashes a new screen divided into four quadrants that contain complicated space-scientific information. Nisha spots a flashing message at the bottom of the screen and reads aloud, "Press Key B." She presses "B" on the keyboard, but nothing happens. Rohit points out that there is also a button on the Fisher Price Octopad labeled "B." He connects the octopad to the computer and presses "B." The computer plays the first note of "The Om Song." Surprised, Nisha and Rohit stare at each other, then notice that the message on the screen has changed to "Press Key C." Rohit presses "C," then plays "F" when prompted. He recognizes the tune from the days when he looked like Shah Rukh Khan and played piano with Sonia, so he plays the rest for Nisha. Nisha asks him to teach her the song, so he goes through it again, placing her finger on each of the buttons. As "The Om Song" echoes eerily around them, they shove each other playfully and laugh uproariously. Maybe they're thinking about that hilarious time when they skipped in a circle around some tall objects. Song!

Rohit and Nisha ride Rohit's new bike over a bridge beside a beautiful lake. As Rohit plays Cat's Cradle, Nisha sings that her dreams and desires now have a face, and that her life has a purpose, because koi mil gaya (she has found someone). Rohit, echoing my thoughts, inquires about who she has mil gaya'd. Nisha replies that koi mil gaya. Ok, then. They share a bizarre moment that I will attempt to describe and interpret:

Rohit: "Oh ho ho ho ho ho!" [walks over to Nisha]
I believe that you are referring to me, but are too shy to express your affection explicitly!

Nisha: "Oh ho ho ho ho ho!" [shoves Rohit's forehead]
Well, someone seems to think quite highly of himself!

[places hand to forehead, scans horizon, waggles thumb for several seconds, then points to herself]
I am still looking for a man who does not have three thumbs. I'm actually pretty superficial.

Rohit and Nisha: [look at each other, nod, and sigh ] "Oh, ho-ho!"
Oh, you!

Rohit presents Nisha with some daisies and points out that they have met several times before, but that today, he suddenly feels that he's found someone. He shows Nisha how to do the flying bird dance from the first song, then Nisha practices it. Nisha shimmies her hips and asks Rohit who he has found; Rohit is similarly evasive, but does not make use of elaborate hand gestures. They sketch each other in front of a farmhouse, accompanied by dramatic choral music reminiscent of the Mike and the Mechanics hit "The Living Years."

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At 10/05/2005 8:27 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Again you have made coffee come out my nose, this time by using "koi mil gaya" as a verb. Which is surely its end purpose in life.

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