Kal Ho Naa Ho, Part 8

Aman is still carrying Gia, who Naina angrily calls over to the house. Aman walks over with Gia and apologizes for the spontaneous dance routine, then introduces himself. As he looks at Naina, he says that he didn’t know that his neighbors were so beautiful. Naina looks indignant, but Aman says that he was talking about Jennifer. Then he tells Jennifer that she’s very very very beautiful. OK, maybe very beautiful, but very very very beautiful? Aman says that he wants to marry Gia, insults Naina, then invites himself over for dinner at 8. Then he insults Naina again and leaves.

Naina and Dadi ask Jennifer why she invited Aman over for dinner, and she says that he invited himself. Kammo, Vimmo, and Lajjo (hereafter known as the 3 Amigos) enter, as Kammo explains that boys come over from India and take girls for a ride for a green card. Lajjo looks concerned, but Jazz tells her that it’s no big deal. I actually know some people who had a sham marriage so one of them could get a green card. Unless you’re from the INS, in which case I don’t know anyone like that. Naina says that she’s inviting Rohit and Sweetu for dinner as well. The 3 Amigos inquire as to Rohit’s marital status, and Naina says that he’s a boy, he’s single, and he’s Gujarati. The 3 Amigos are displeased, I assume because of the third thing. Naina tells them to relax, and she says he’s just a friend. But baby, he got what you need. Naina says he’s a close friend, like Sweetu, who is right behind them, wearing curlers, a mask, and a gigantic feather boa. Sweetu explains that she’s going on a blind date, which is not in fact a date with a blind boy, as Vimmo had incorrectly assumed, but a date where the boy and the girl have never seen each other. Jazz says that when the guy sees her, he will go blind from the shock, because Sweetu is a horrifying and ghastly sight. OK, she doesn’t say the last part, but really, how else are you supposed to interpret that? Sweetu says “Bye all,” and Jazz replies, “Bye ball!” I’m not sure if that’s a “Sweetu is fat” joke, a cheesy sexual innuendo joke, or a goofy Indian rhyming joke; these jokes all just have so many layers. I tend to prefer jokes that work on just one level, rather than sucking on three different levels.

Naina calls up Rohit, who is wearing 5 watches. Wait, let me rewind that. OK, I paused it, and I think it’s a beaded bracelet, a leather wristband, and a watch. He’s definitely all about the wrist accessorizing. He says he’s at Gita’s apartment in Soho, where she lives with two other girls. Naina comments that he’s found a bonus. Naughty! Then Gita walks into the split-screen with the two other girls, who are…crying babies! They scream cutely and run away from Rohit, who is distracted as Naina invites him over for dinner at 8.

Cut to a woman on a tiny set who is on the phone, asking “8 p.m.?” She explains that that’s short notice for Kunwari Kudi. The woman has two binders, one for women below 45, and one for women above 45, because apparently sometimes women over 45 want love and companionship. Who knew? Lajjo tells her that she wants a Sardar. The Sardar data entry guy asks if he should go, but the Kunwari Kudi woman tells him to shut up.

Aman opens the door and asks Naina where she’s been. Naina carries some groceries in as Aman calls “Jenny” to tell her that Naina’s home, and then makes himself at home in the kitchen. Aman helps Jenny with the cooking, and they tell each other that they are also very sweet, as Naina walks in. Aman tells her that Rohit called to say that he would be a bit late, and asks whether Rohit’s her boyfriend. She says he’s just a friend and tells her mother that she would like to talk to her privately. Aman tells Gia to leave, then butts in on the conversation. Naina drags Jennifer to another room, where they run into Chadda and Aman’s mother, who seems to be reading a coloring book. They say hello, then Naina drags Jennifer into the hallway, where Shiv shows off the new Knicks shirt he got from Aman.

Naina runs into Aman, who shoves some food in her mouth and asks if it needs something. She says it needs salt, and he tells her that she has the same problem. She’s not salty enough? Do you have to be high to understand these jokes? Oh wait, that can’t be the problem. Aman walks across the room to go snoop through the restaurant accounts, and asks Naina how they can be so bad. As Naina takes the book away, saying it’s her private affair, Aman’s mother comes in to apologize and tell her that Aman’s crazy. Dadi tells her that she should have smacked him when he was a kid, then they all say a bunch of stuff that rhymes with “ji” and sit down for dinner.
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