Kal Ho Naa Ho, Part 7

Guitar solo! People breakdance in front of the giant American flag. One of them has a hula hoop. Brrrrrruuuuaah! Jazz finishes dance-watering the bushes and goes out to flirt with Aman, who has raised the hood on his sweatshirt so that he can gesticulate wildly and perform some bad rap:

Yo Pretty Woman
Listen Up Girl When U Feel This Way
Don't U See The Sunshine
Coming Out Today
You Got To Feel It Right Just Like Day After Night
Don’t Let The Sunshine
Out Of Your Sight
Cause I Can Feel You
Can You Feel It
When I Say That
I Can Feel You Here
Can U Feel Me
When I Say That

“I’m CRAZY about you, Pretty Woman!” Chadda tells Lajjo, looking crazed. Lajjo is not sure how to respond. Aman sings that he is amazed by a sight that is the color of gold and the color of crystal. Huh? Is it a chandelier? He, Gia, and Shiv sit on the hood of a moving car as bubbles float by. Then Aman hops off to go do the running man in front of Naina, who pretends that none of this is happening. Aman kisses his mother, then dances with some children, teaching them how to lasso things. Like pretty women, I guess. Group hug! Everyone seems happy except for Naina and Lajjo. A blond guy in a camouflage SPAM shirt starts dry-humping Lajjo, who looks horrified. Seriously, who wears SPAM shirts anymore? Aman rolls his eyes at Wacky SPAM Guy.

Hey, the gospel choir’s here! They sing, “Woah oh oh oh!” and dance down the street in front of the American flag. Oh yeah, we’re in America! I forgot for a second. Aman runs over to march and sing with the gospel choir as people cartwheel across the street in front of them. Aman and the gospel choir wear sunglasses. Then Aman dances some more in the convertible. Naina looks pissed. Everyone punches the air and then lassoes it so they can bring it back to the air ranch. Chadda screams something in Hindi that means, “Go for it!”

Aman carries Gia and sings that the pretty woman's eyes hold an intoxication and that she has several other nice traits that he’s never seen before. Then he dances slowly in front of a crowd as bubbles float by and a giant graffiti banner walks past. The beat kicks in, and the crowd starts jumping in unison as Aman shakes his hips. A guy spins by and stops in front of Aman. They exchange a look. I think they like each other. “Pretty Woman! Look!” they say. Naina angrily pushes her glasses up again, and Jennifer stifles laughter. I know that one day, if I have a daughter, and some random goofball shows up in front of our house with some extras and performs a spontaneous dance routine for her, I will totally be cracking up at her expense.

Aman jumps onto the hood of a moving cab. A Sikh taxi driver gets out, looking pissed that the street is being blocked off by basketball players, a bhangra group, a gospel choir, and Wacky SPAM Guy and his friends. But then he hears the crazy bhangra beat, and starts dancing! Lajjo faints. Sweetu and Jazz fight over a guy in a trucker hat wearing a sweater vest without a shirt. Naina rolls her eyes some more, and Kammo and Vimmo carry Lajjo into the house for some medical attention. End of song. The crowd cheers!

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At 6/24/2008 6:32 AM, Blogger Goot said...

my God, I have no breath left, I've laughed for so long... can't read it all at once cause it's to dangerous :D
that's the best thing about a song i've ever read!!


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