Kal Ho Naa Ho, Part 5

Cut to a classroom, which a title informs us is the location of a University of New York Evening MBA Session. Rohit and Naina insult each other in a playful fashion, then Rohit notices a girl standing in front of a wind machine. The “Hey girl!” incidental music returns, but without the “Any girl will do!” chorus, because apparently Rohit has developed a minimal set of standards. Naina says that this is a new student named Gita Pardekhar, and tells Rohit to leave her alone, because she is a divorced hussy. Rohit asks Gita to sit in his heart, or at least behind him. She reaches the seat at the same time as an older woman, and Gita motions for the older woman to take the seat. That’s totally what I would do if some random guy asked me to sit in his heart. Well, maybe not if he looked like Saif Ali Khan. Rohit steals Naina’s pen and writes “Dinner at 9?” on a fluorescent orange post-it and passes it behind him without looking. The older woman looks flattered, writes a note back, and Rohit looks at it, smiles, and gives the thumbs up. Then he turns around and realizes he gave the note to a 50 year old woman instead of Gita. He looks worried as Naina smiles and returns the thumbs up.

Rohit pulls out a small black book, steals Naina’s pen and starts writing in it, as Naina voiceovers that she didn’t like him at all when she first met him, but that today, he’s a very close friend. She says that basically he’s a nice guy, and she knows this because he didn’t cancel his date with the old lady. Cut to Rohit and the woman at a restaurant, toasting wine glasses. The woman chugs her wine all in one go, and Rohit stares for a moment in disbelief, then orders another glass for her, because if it’s not going to work out, they may as well get hammered. Naina voiceovers that when she sees Rohit, she forgets about all her household problems.

Like Gia getting bitchslapped by her grandmother. Dadi helps Shiv up from a fall as she admonishes Gia that he could have gotten hurt. Then she turns back to Gia to yell at her and shake her some more. Jennifer walks in and tells Dadi that Gia’s just a child, and that it is Dadi’s duty to forgive her, not to hit her. Dadi says that she can’t even forgive Jennifer, and Jennifer asks what she needs to be forgiven for. Dadi says that it’s because of Jennifer that her son -- suddenly Naina walks in the door, covered in fake snow, and tells Dadi that that’s enough. Actually she says “Bus!” (According to this random website of Hindi phrases that I just found, the Hindi term for “bus stop” is “bas staap.” Just in case you were wondering.)

Naina voiceovers that there is a fact that her family never talks about that was mentioned today, the fact that her father committed suicide. Actually, no one mentioned it until Naina brought it up, but I’m glad she told us; it’s not good to keep those sorts of things bottled up. Dadi tells Jennifer that the truth is always bitter, but Jennifer says that no one knows the truth. Did Scully and Mulder ever find out the truth, or did they just end up being really confused at the end like I was?

Upstairs, Gia, Shiv, and Jennifer huddle on the bed and cry. Gia sobs that Dadi hates her, and Jennifer tells her that Dadi doesn’t hate her. Shiv helpfully points out that Dadi actually hates Jennifer. Ha! I love Shiv. Jennifer tells him not to say that, and says that everything will be ok. Shiv asks when everything will be ok, and Jennifer tells them that when she was a girl, her mother told her that Jesus sends his angel to all of us to wipe our tears. But what about if we’re crying over stupid shit? Like when I was 13, I really wanted this stereo with a CD player, and my parents wouldn’t buy it for me, and I had this big sobbing hissyfit in the food court, and then when I got home, it turned out they had already bought one and had wanted to surprise me with it for my birthday. God, I was an asshole. I hope Jesus doesn’t have to waste his time with shit like that. Anyway, Jennifer talks some more about how the angel will bring them happiness and take away their sorrows, and Gia asks when their angel will come.

Violins! It’s some guy, on a boat. He’s facing away from the camera. Jennifer tells Gia and Shiv to pray for an angel. Hey, it’s that guy again! Now he’s adjusting his scarf! And fixing his hair! Naina walks in and starts praying, too. Now that guy’s at the train station with an older woman. He walks down some stairs at the station, as we cut to a shot of the family praying from outside their window. That guy bumps into Naina, spilling coffee all over her. He turns around. It’s Shah Rukh Khan! He’s getting some napkins! He overhears Naina talking all crazy about how Sweetu’s man is going to leave her, and thinks, “Dude, woman’s got abandonment issues.” Sweetu says that she’s going to re-marry, and he laughs as Sweetu shoots him a look. Hey, it’s the sassy look from before, but from a different, more informative angle!

As she prays, Naina asks God to bring some light to these dark times. A light appears on the balcony across the street. Is God going to have a smoke on the balcony? No, it’s Shah Rukh Khan again. He plays with the fake snow and fixes his hair again, then looks across the street at the family praying through the window. He smiles to himself.

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