Kal Ho Naa Ho, Part 10

Aman’s mother compliments the smile of someone named Priya and shows Aman a photo of himself and Sonali Bendre, who is decked out in some heavy-looking bridal finery. Aman asks where she found the wedding photo, and she says it was in the file sitting next to her. Is Aman’s mother a secret agent? What’s she doing with files? I think she’s going to assassinate Priya. She says that she heard that Aman is meeting with Priya today and asks if she should come along, but Aman says that he wants to speak to Priya in private. I guess Aman's mom will have to lurk behind a nearby bush with a sniper rifle. She asks if he’s scared, and Aman says that he isn’t, but crosses his fingers. He tells her that everything will be all right as the sad flute theme of impending tragedy swells.

On a ferry, Sweetu eats a donut while Naina tells her that nothing will be all right until she loses some weight. In fact, Sweetu's weight is actually responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Across the deck Sweetu sees the goofy headphone guy from the train station, and she comments again on his cuteness as he whistles and moves his hands in a doggy-paddling motion. Suddenly Aman pops up behind Naina and introduces himself to Sweetu. He tells her that a guy who truly loves her won’t look at her weight, but will look deeply into her heart. Hopefully he won’t see any hardened arteries.

Aman commences a scheme to set up Sweetu and the goofy headphone guy that involves pretending that he is Sweetu’s boyfriend, calling the goofy headphone guy Ramdayal, and making jokes about the haircuts in Dil Chahta Hai. Ramdayal, whose name turns out to be Frankie, seems as confused by the scheme as I am, but invites Sweetu and Aman to Club Nirvana, where he will be DJ'ing for Retro Night. He tells them to bring their mummy, gesturing toward Naina, who is reading what appears to be the most boring book ever written, then he wanders off, presumably to go smoke a bowl in the ferry restroom.

When Naina disparages Aman’s nonsensical but effective matchmaking plan, Aman says that she’s just jealous that Sweetu has a boyfriend. Does Frankie know that Sweetu has a boyfriend? Naina says that she has a boyfriend, too – Rohit. She says that she told Aman he was just a friend because she doesn’t like to talk about her personal life with everyone. Sweetu is sad that Naina didn’t tell her about Rohit, but Aman tells Sweetu that they can go to the club without Naina. Naina says defiantly that she and Rohit will go too, because she’s down with the hip young people and their disco dancing.

Cut to a bookstore, where Rohit tells Naina that he can’t go, because Gita is coming over for dinner. He says that Gita really likes him, but Naina says that Gita is a stupid liar who just wants a father for her children. Seriously, what kind of selfish bitch wants her children to be raised in a stable two-parent household? As they order bagels, Rohit points out that Naina’s also a liar, but she says that she only lied because Aman is so irritating. She says she wants to show Aman that she can have a boyfriend who is handsome, cool and sexy, then asks how much the bagels cost. Rohit is busy ordering and asks her to repeat what she just said, but she thinks he’s talking about bagels, and confusion with the bagel vendor ensues. Naina totally steals a bagel without paying for it. She repeats what she said about Rohit being handsome, cool, and sexy, but offers no opinion as to whether he is CrazySexyCool. Naina says that he’s right that they shouldn’t pretend just for Aman, but Rohit, flattered, changes his mind and says that they should do the boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Whether he’s talking about the pretend boyfriend-girlfriend thing or the actual boyfriend-girlfriend thing remains ambiguous, but they agree to meet at Club Nirvana at 9. I wonder if it’s the sort of club where dancing and singing might occur, or if it’s more of a low-key, lounge-y type of place.

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At 11/22/2005 2:26 PM, Blogger square peg said...

I had to comment again. I am CRACKING UP. This must have been so exhausting (and nauseating) to do!

At 6/24/2008 6:11 AM, Blogger ajnabi said...

"On a ferry, Sweetu eats a donut while Naina tells her that nothing will be all right until she loses some weight. In fact, Sweetu's weight is actually responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." BWAHAHAHAHA!

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